It’s an outdoor adventure, a way to meet new friends and challenge yourself. You could even make a difference to your community. It’s great to put on your CV or college application - and you’ll learn new skills that employers and unis will love.
Last year nearly 8,500 people did it and had a great time - 9/10 said that they would definitely recommend it to a friend

How Does It Work?

The programme is three weeks full time and then part time for the last bit.  You’ll spend two weeks away from home – the first week is action packed adventure, where you might be mountaineering or canoeing.  It’ll be challenging and fun.  Week two is back to your own area, but living independently, like uni halls of residence.  You’ll get new skills – music, drama, sport – and learn more about your neighbourhood.  Week 3, you live at home and design a project to make your area a better place to live.  In the last part you’ll work as a team to put your project into action. To celebrate, at the end, there’s a graduation ceremony and last year there was an exclusive gig for 600 people who finished the programme at the 02 Academy. There are still places available across England but make sure you sign up now  to secure your place!  Many places are free and the most you’ll have to pay is £80. 


I thought it would be a great experience for me. And it was! For other people my age,
NCS is something that can help you decide what you want to do in life. :)

So what are you waiting for?
If you want a story worth telling, get involved today. Fill in your details here for more info about National Citizen Service this summer and we bet you’ll have an unforgettable experience!